Welcome to the site of the student parish of the Roman Catholic diocese of Rotterdam: St. Catharine of Alexandria.

Studying is more than sitting in on the lectures, working behind your computer and going out - especially when you are not living in your own country. If you seek more depth, a way to connect your Faith with the things you experience in your daily life and learn at the university and if you want to meet others in order to do so, you have come to the right place.

One of the chaplains in our team is appointed especially for foreign students: Fr. Avin Kunnekkadan s.v.d. of the ISP (International Student Chaplaincy)

The other chaplains also speak English.

  • Leiden: deacon W. Burgering
  • Delft: pastoral worker G. Sturms
  • Rotterdam, International Student Chaplaincy:
    Mgr. J. van den Hende

“Discover your mission”: visit our websites, look around and feel invited to contact us.